Exporting to Disk#

Once you've done your work with subgrounds, it might be time to export your CSV to another platform. This is simply handled by pandas via pandas.DataFrame.to_csv().


In this example, we'll export some curve data for further analysis.

Gathering some daily snapshots from the aave-v2 subgraph#
from subgrounds import Subgrounds

sg = Subgrounds()
aave_v2 = sg.load_subgraph(

df = sg.query_df(aave_v2.Query.marketDailySnapshots(first=1000))
df.head()  # show the first 5 rows
Save this data into a CSV (won't be available through the docs)#


There are several other formats that can be exported described here.

You can also easily load CSV files back into a pandas.DataFrame.

import pandas as pd

df2 = pd.read_csv("my_data.csv")