Subgraph Proxy#


The proxy endpoints provide access to subgraphs hosted on The Graph's decentralized network without the need to manage GRT tokens or interact with smart contracts.

The proxy endpoint gets its name from the fact that all endpoints originating from it mirror an equivalent endpoint available on The Graph.

For example, consider the following query URL:[api-key]/subgraphs/id/3nXfK3RbFrj6mhkGdoKRowEEti2WvmUdxmz73tben6Mb

The equivalent Playgrounds API URL going through our proxy endpoint would be:


Notice that the URL is mirrored: both URLs contain the subgraphs/id/3nXfK3RbFrj6mhkGdoKRowEEti2WvmUdxmz73tben6Mb path!


Unlike The Graph's endpoint where the Graph API key is inserted in the URL, Playgrounds API endpoints do not contain the user's API key in the URL itself. Instead, the API key is provided via a header value.

Subgraph ID


Deployment ID