Getting a Playgrounds API Key#

To start using the Playgrounds API, you'll first need to aquire an API key from our platform.

1. Creating your Playgrounds account#

The first step in acquiring a Playgrounds API key is to create a Playgrounds account via our signup page.

Create Account Verify Email

2. Create your Playgrounds API key#

Once you have created your Playgrounds account and are logged into the Playgrounds app, create a new API key.

Generate API Key

3. Copy your Playgrounds API key#

Congratulations, you now have a Playgrounds API key that you can use to query decentralized network subgraphs through our proxy API! To copy the actual key to your clipboard:

Copy API Key


Token: ••••••••••

See also

All Playgrounds API keys start with the sequence pg- to differentiate them from other API keys (such as The Graph's keys).