Custom Strategies#

New in version 1.0.0

Subgrounds allows developers to create their own pagination strategy by creating a class that implements the PaginationStrategy protocol:

class PaginationStrategy(Protocol):
    def __init__(self, schema: SchemaMeta, document: Document) -> None:
        """Initializes the pagination strategy. If there is no need for pagination given
        the provided :class:`Document` ``document``, then the constructor should raise a
        :class:`SkipPagination` exception.

            schema: The schema of the API against which ``document`` will be executed
            document: The query document

    def step(
        self, page_data: dict[str, Any] | None = None
    ) -> tuple[Document, dict[str, Any]]:
        """Returns the new query document and its variables which will be executed to
        get the next page of data.

        If this is the first query made as part of the pagination strategy, then
          ``page_data`` will be ``None``.

        If pagination should be interupted (e.g.: if enough entities have been queried),
        then this method should raise a :class:`StopPagination` exception.

            page_data: The previous query's response data. If this is the first query
              (i.e.: the first page of data), then it will be `None`. Defaults to None.

            tuple: A tuple `(doc, vars)` where `doc` is the query document that will be
              executed to fetch the next page of data and `vars` are the variables for
              that document.

The class's constructor should accept a SchemaMeta argument which represents the schema of the subgraph API that the query is directed to and a Document argument which represents the query to be paginated on. If no pagination is required for the given document, then the constructor should raise a SkipPagination exception.

The class's step method is where the main logic of the pagination strategy is located. The method accepts a single argument, page_data which is a dictionary containing the response data of the previous query (i.e.: the previous page of data). The step method should return a tuple (doc, vars), where doc is a Document representing the query to be made to fetch the next page of data. When pagination is over (e.g.: when all pages of data have been fetched), the step method should raise a StopPagination exception.

Below is the algorithm used by Subgrounds to paginate over a query document given a pagination strategy:

def paginate(
    schema: SchemaMeta, doc: Document, pagination_strategy: type[PaginationStrategy]
) -> PaginateGenerator:
    """Evaluates a :class:`PaginationStrategy` against a document based upon a schema.

    Produces a stream of :class:`Document`s until pagination is completed. Documents are
     executed outside the this function and data is transfered via the generator scheme.

      schema (SchemaMeta): The GraphQL schema on which the request document is based
      doc (Document): The request document

      dict[str, Any]: The response data as a JSON dictionary

        strategy = pagination_strategy(schema, doc)
        doc, args = strategy.step()

        while True:
            page = yield replace(doc, variables=doc.variables | args)

                doc, args = strategy.step(
            except StopPagination:
            except Exception as exn:
                raise PaginationError(exn.args[0], strategy) from exn

    except SkipPagination:
        _ = yield doc  # consistency