What is this?#

Contrib is a niche concept in some libraries that represent extra / contributed content to a library that may not fit in the main package. This might be due to the maintainer not willing to maintain said content, the content being deemed too experimental, or perhaps it's unknown whether it's a "good idea" or not.

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For us, subgrounds.contrib represents extra features and ideas with subgrounds that generally builds upon the core part of subgrounds. It allows us to add extensions or features to other libraries (such as plotly) without relying on the library as a dependency. We might add new concepts to this subpackage in the future, so look out!

What's currently here?#


Originally located in plotly_wrappers, subgrounds.contrib.plotly contains helpful wrappers on plotly objects that allow you to use FieldPaths directly without creating a DataFrame.


Originally located in subgrounds.dash_wrappers, subgrounds.contrib.dash contains helpful wrappers on dash objects that allow you to use other wrapped visualization objects (currently subgrounds.contrib.plotly) in dash apps without creating DataFrames.


The contrib subpackage of subgrounds does not follow the same semver patterns that subgrounds does. This means, there can be breaking changes between minor versions of the package. In the future, we may consider a stabilization route for contrib.

This is purely a place for us to experiment with new ideas, including enriching popular libraries with subgrounds.