Querying using Subgrounds#

Although it is entirely possible to use the Playgrounds Gateway by directly sending requests with a valid Playgrounds API key, the Gateway is most useful when used with Subgrounds. This allows you to leverage Subgrounds and its features to query the Graph's decentralized network with ease. Below is an example of how to use Subgrounds with the decentralized network.

1. Add your Playgrounds API Key to your Subgrounds project#

There are two main ways to validate your API key with subgrounds.


Replace "PG_API_KEY" with API key gathered from earlier!

Initialize Subgrounds object with a playgrounds api key#
from subgrounds import Subgrounds

sg = Subgrounds.from_pg_key("PG_API_KEY")
The environment variable can be set any way you like!#
This method is great since you don't need to change your code at all!#
from subgrounds import Subgrounds

sg = Subgrounds()


This method will produce a RuntimeWarning if $PLAYGROUNDS_API_KEY does not look like valid.

It will also be overriden if the headers are set manually, or via Subgrounds.from_pg_key

Internally, both method sets the request headers#
from subgrounds import Subgrounds

sg = Subgrounds(headers={"Playgrounds-Api-Key": "PG_API_KEY"})

2. Query a decentralized network subgraph#

Once the Subgrounds object has been initialized with the custom header containing your API key, you can query a decentralized network subgraph through our proxy endpoint just like you would query any other subgraph.

subgraph = sg.load_subgraph(